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Discover how to make up to $1,000.00 a Day Selling the Newest, Hottest Product to Hit the Health Market in Decades…

Because of the aging baby boomer market, alternative health products are becoming a trillion dollar business. But nothing compares to the FitBomb Fitness Sauna.

More than 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every single day. More than a trend… This is a trillion dollar boom that will continue for many years and will create many millionaires for of those of you who are payintog attention. There are many products that profess to provide anti-aging benefits and health benefits but nothing approaches the abundance of benefits delivered from the use of one far infrared FitBomb Fitness sauna.

In fact, there is nothing even comparable. The FitBomb Fitness sauna is the most powerful rehabilitation, anti-aging and longevity enabling health tool on the planet.

· Anti-aging

· Detoxification

· Weight Loss

· Muscle Development

· Muscle Toning

· Physical Therapy

· Wheelchair accessible – disabled veteran owned – able to sell to the U.S. Government

The Hi-Q Fitness sauna has been call the Ferrari of saunas and the Nautilus of the 21st century. It looks Great! And it works amazing… once you get in, the far infrared heat penetrates your muscles, cartilage and your tendons getting them hot so your work out is injury free and far more productive. Meaning you gain muscle much quicker and look younger much sooner. The FitBomb helps users Heat Shock their muscles into shape much quicker than if not pre-heated.

And it is exactly because of this variety of clinically proven benefits that the market for selling such a product expands exponentially to include many prospects; business and consumers.

With FitBomb Fitness Sauna you will earn Very Generous Commissions…


You make money up front and for every sale and you make money three levels deep. For example, sell to 10 people. Then they sell to 10 people. You get commission on 100 people. And theres the third level that pay double of what the second level pays.

· Hotels – Apartment Complexes

· Health Clubs – Fitness Centers anywhere

· Physical Therapy Centers – Chiropractors: any alternative health care practitioners… dentist who remove mercury fillings, Massage Parlors etc

· Spa – fireplace – home improvement – dealers etc

· Trade Shows Kiosk: set up a FitBomb display in a busy mall.

· Many retail facilities: Tanning salons, Beauty salons, sporting goods stores etc…

· Baby Boomer end users – direct

· Selling to Businesses – “Alternative Health Practitioners, Chiropractors”, “Spa Dealers”, “Home Improvement Companies” etc…

Unique opportunities for those representing the FitBomb Fitness Sauna

1. NEW PRODUCT: there’s nothing like the FitBomb product line on the market.

2. NO COMPETITION: The innovations behind the FitBomb product line are protected by patent protection. There is nothing comparable and there is no direct competition to this product.

3. SELL TO THE GOVERNMENT: Although a more specialized category, this is however unique. The owner of FitBomb is himself a disabled veteran. This may be a direction for those who have interest, aptitude and talent required in dealing with the US government.


5. SPECIALIZED REPRESENTATIVES: Do you promote to or represent a specific category of commerce? Give us a call to discuss the options.

NOTE: We are seeking people that want to assist in setting up retail locations as well. This would serve as a prototype franchise.

FitBomb will assist in several ways:

We will give you a map

– Target Markets: outlining who to talk to

– Scripts: what to say

– Promotional Material: provide you with custom camera ready art of appropriate presentations you can use today to represent yourself in a highly sophisticated and professional manner.

– Web Site: Prepare a location specific website so that whenever anyone in your area searches on google, they find you.

– Sell to the Government: Our Company is 8a qualified. Which means 3% of all expenditures of the entire government MUST be spend on companies like FitBomb. Now you can present the FitBomb line (particularly the Handicap sauna) to rec centers, military bases, VA therapy centers etc.

– BTW: We are also the only far infrared sauna manufacturer registered with the FDA.

We insist that if you are serious about really selling and making money, you recommend you have (at least) ONE FitBomb Fitness sauna in a facility – because people need to see, touch and experience the Hi-Q Fitness sauna. Once they have, they must have one for themselves or will want to put one in their business or facility. That’s when you make money…

And to get things rolling quickly – were discounting this first FitBomb Fitness sauna to help you get started…

Why are we doing this?

The reason is simple: We need testimonials. We are producing a 30-min TV spot on the FitBomb and its many, many unique features. We need as many people on video expressing their predictable and amazing results achieved by simply using this remarkable health tool.

Btw: this powerful 30-minute promotional tool will be available to distributors as well.

So, I don’t know about you. But that sounds like a lot of fun to me. You can let people use your sauna and video tape there testimonials….Then they take one home for themselves… and YOU make several thousand dollars over and over again; weekly & monthly…

You have many options and many opportunities right now with FitBomb. Especially since this is a brand new product; “remember when Nautilus first came out”?

When you represent a product with so many patents pending – there is no risk of competitors jumping into the market.

Bottom Line… You’re would be representing the finest, cutting edge far infrared sauna product for health and fitness ON THE PLANET. Something you can be proud to show, demonstrate and share and profit from. Making people freaky fit and healthy has always been extremely fun and profitable.

Join us in this effort – CALL NOW at 800-455-3073 ext 1

PS: Were seeking people that want to assist in setting up retail locations as well.

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